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They are cheap and light, you can buy them everywhere and the colours they capture are always lovely. Disposable cameras are my favourite travel companion!

The texture and the graininess of their photos always gives them some sort of vintage appeal and the moment of surprise, when you open the freshly arrived photobook, is unbeatable. So whenever I travel, I make sure, to take at least one of them. Since a film roll contains less than 30 pictures, needless to say, I have ended up using more than just one camera on most of my trips.

Architecture in the north of Italy. Island of Grado | Photocredit: Iulia Mitzner

I have used them from Austria to Africa and back and the results have never failed me. I never have to worry about them either. They are sand and water resistible, practically undestroyable and certainly not appealing to any form of robbery, which turns photographing into exactly what it should be: something joyful and special! I'm way more selective about my motifs and totally focused and in the moment when I shoot. Instead of making 3000 pictures on my phone or worrying about my really expensive camera equipment, I purely concentrate on the image. And this is exactly the kind of lightness I seek when I'm on the road.

I chose some of my favourites to share with you and tried to put some anecdotes in the picture description. Enjoy!

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