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I'm currently working on many great things! Needles to say, I'm proud to share, what I'm already allowed to share!

The biggest thing I'm working on right now, is for sure my own project and starting my own company. Since I don't want to jinx anything, I won't go into any details yet on what it is, but I'm almost done with my business plan and started coaching with a professional coach to finish it. I will start another coaching programme in late November to prep me rhetorically and help me approach investors. If everything goes to plan, I might have a mentor very soon as well. Fingers crossed, but I'm sure it'll work out! I'm also in the middle of researching funding possibilities and started networking with some great women, that recently started their own projects as well.

Working pigeon. A digital sketch I made in 2013.

Which brings me to the next amazing thing I'm working on right now: the Female Filmmakers Filmfestival Berlin. I more or less randomly discovered a post in a Facebook Group called Women's Filmnetwork Berlin, in which Natalie was looking for people wanting to participate. Although I decided to quit film over a year ago, I was really curious about organising a festival and spontaneously decided to write her and introduce myself. I quickly got a response and an invitation to meet everybody, so now I'm part of the core team and will help out with online marketing and social media content. It's very exciting to be part of something new, that is run by so many creative women, with such different backgrounds and knowledge. You can already like the festival's Facebook page that will keep up to date. Updates on my blog will of course follow regularly, as soon as we publish some fresh content!

Talking about content: I'm currently also preparing a Blog Launch for KISA AKADEMIE. I happily returned to my favourite school, to write some helpful and insightful texts for them. Soon you will be able to find tips and tricks and lots of information concerning anything Social Media or Health & Fitness (in German) in their blog section. Updates on the uploads are also to follow on here!

And if that wasn't already great enough .... there is more! Two zines have confirmed they will publish some of my drawings. One is brand new one called No Filter Zine. They will have a printed Christmas special that will feature a digital and analog collage, a love story of mine from 2015 and some drawings I made for an advent calendar in 2016. I advise you strongly to like their Facebook page, to not miss out on that and of course to buy a copy of the zine. Save some money for the zine that will be published on Bang On though, as they will also print two of my drawings. The zine will be online, but also sold physically during the We Make Waves Festival which focuses on female musicians and acts.

So what's next?

This year I'm planning ahead and already came up with the idea for my advent calendar. It will feature original christmas wrapping paper from the seventies, that I will collage with digital and analog drawings of mine. As last year, I will send it to a selected circle via E-Mail. Since I want to make a little more public this time, you can sign up for receiving it through it here, by just dropping me a line.

What else ... Ah yes, that food porn video I mentioned in another post ... unfortunately I haven't had time to work on it since. Nonetheless, I'm still planning on finishing it and getting it published. Cause as we say in German "Was lange währt wird endlich gut" ...

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